Small local businesses need your support right now!! Small businesses have had to shift and adapt and pivot to the climate that we are in right now.

I’m Jennifer Jones, Jones & Jones Realty, and some of our clients have lost jobs. So among other things that are going on in the market, we’re here to support local. I was on Facebook about a week and a half ago, and realized everyone was supporting the Sturbridge, MA community, the Brookfield, MA community, on Facebook telling everyone, “Hey, you can go here. You know Stonewall Grille is doing delivery, which they’ve never done before.” And then you have other yoga studios doing online classes.

You can go, I believe Seeding Greens, which is right behind me, you can go online and order a jewelry and things from their shop that they can’t actually have open right now.

So we designed a one-stop directory for local businesses. I had my good friend and also past client, Matt Mackin, help me make sure that this is the most amazing thing that you’ve ever seen since sliced bread. Come support local. And now we’re going to highlight a couple of my favorite locations here in Sturbridge.

We’re here at one of my favorite places, the Sturbridge Coffee House. Got my coffee, got my sandwich, we called ahead, paid ahead and got curbside pickup. Ashley came out with our food. It was great. Pia and her staff are asking that you call ahead for your food and drink orders just to alleviate the time inside the building, get curbside pickup or pickup inside. Check out the business directory for the hours. They have shifted a little bit and thanks again for supporting local.

And now we’re at BT Smokehouse today. Definitely got my dinner that my family is going to totally love this great barbecued food. We did pick it up at the front of the building here, and you do have to stay six feet away to make sure that we’re keeping everyone stay safe yourself and the staff at BT Smokehouse. I also want to give a big shout out to Brian who delivered food to Harrington Hospital for those people on the front line and his hashtag was #we’reinthistogether. So definitely come down support local, check out their hours and order and pay online.

And finally we’re going to end here in Brimfield at the River Rock Farm. They offer beef, no hormones, no antibiotics. They have an amazing website. Check out the directory for them. They also deliver.

There are many farms in this area that also offer eggs and poultry items along with other things, so definitely check it out. If you’ve gone to the grocery store and you cannot find some of these meats and poultries, definitely take a look to see how the farm is going to help you stock your refrigerator.

So how can you help? Go ahead and share this video in the small business directory. Share it with your friends, share with your business owners. Definitely let us know if something needs to be added or updated. We’re very excited to share this with everybody.

Secondly, if your finances allow, please support local. Definitely give a call to your local restaurant, get pickup, get delivery. If you are not comfortable with that, there’s always gift cards. You can call and check to see if you could do that over the phone. Some places you can do that on their website, but not all of them.

So definitely check out our directory with that. As Brian says, #we’reinthistogether, and what I say is #supportlocalbusinesses. I’m Jennifer Jones with Jones & Jones Realty and thank you for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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