It’s that time of year where the weather is getting colder, it’s getting darker earlier, and all your kids are coming home sick. We all know it’s coming and we all want to do our best to prevent and avoid getting sick at all costs, because who ever wants to be sick?? Taking the usual precautions like getting your flu shots, eating a good diet, getting enough sleep, exercising, and drinking enough water are a huge help, but if there was something else you could do to prevent being sick wouldn’t you want to do it? 

This remedy isn’t what you would think of as a preventative from viruses and bacteria… it’s seeing a chiropractor. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “chiropractors are for realigning the body and for improving blood flow, how will that help me and my family not get a cold?” I was just as shocked as you to find out that seeing a chiropractor can actually help! 

I visited Palmer Chiropractic, located on 1223 Thorndike Street to talk to Dr. Warren Zepp on how this could possibly be true. He explained that when you get treated by a chiropractor, you are reducing the stress of your body physically, mechanically, and neurologically. By reducing this stress, your body can focus on other things like fighting viruses and bacteria that cause us to get sick. 

Not only are you less likely to get sick, but when you do get sick, you tend to bounce back faster. As a chiropractor, Dr. Zepp tries to do everything he can to keep himself and his family healthy. They maintain a healthy diet while also regularly receiving chiropractic treatment so that their bodies are better equipped to manage being sick. He says when he gets sick, it takes him approximately a day or two of rest to feel back to normal again, whereas the average person takes seven to ten days… As a parent, I know that the quicker I can get better and feel back to my normal self, the better. 

He also went further to explain that certain adjustments can boost your white blood cells which are immune fighting cells. They assist in fighting off the pathogens and viruses when we get them. 

Another amazing thing chiropractic treatment can help with is ear infections. My son used to get them frequently, and we wanted to find a long term solution. After seeing a chiropractor his ear infections stopped completely. Dr. Zepp informed me that the science behind this is sometimes our heads/necks can be off center, it drains to one side, but the other side has no way of draining which causes the chronic infection. When you get adjusted by a chiropractor, you are getting rebalanced so your body can function properly.  

I can’t stress enough how helpful the chiropractic experience has been for my family and I. If you’d like to see for yourself, be sure to give Palmer Chiropractic a call and Dr. Zepp will take care of you!


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